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Every year, millions of American face IRS tax debts without being fully informed of their rights as taxpayers and without knowing their options in how to resolve their tax debts. Dealing with the IRS directly, especially if you are not prepared, can be scary, frustrating, and will often lead to you overpaying on your tax debt or not getting the best deal available to you. Ignoring your tax problem can lead to wage garnishment, bank levies, asset seizure, and a federal tax lien. The good news is that we are here to help. It does not matter what the tax problem is, there is ALWAYS a solution for every tax debt and every individuals unique circumstances. Our tax attorney will review your case and present you with the best options available to you. Together, we form a plan to get you out of your tax debt and will do the legwork in negotiating the best resolution for you.

Back Tax Problems

IRS Tax Liens


A tax lien is disastrous to your credit and can even prevent you from attaining certain jobs. At J. David Relief, we will help you understand your options and in many situations can prevent a federal tax lien from being filed against you and can release a lien which is already filed.

IRS Back Taxes


When it comes to the IRS tax debt, there are many misconceptions about what the IRS is up to and the threat they pose to your finances. At J. David Tax Relief, we will help you understand your rights, protect you from abuse, and get you the peace of mind once we negotiate a resolution with the IRS.

IRS Wage Garnishment


If you ignore you tax debt problems, eventually the IRS will garnish your wages, pensions, and social security. The IRS is only allowed to garnish a certain percentage of your income. At J. David Tax Relief, we can educate you about your rights and can get your wage garnishment released quickly.

What Our Clients Have To Say

I felt like Jonathan genuinely cared about my issue and always made time to talk to me when I needed it. I owed taxes to two different states as well as the IRS. Jonathan got my wage garnishment released and resolved my taxes so I no longer have to worry about them. This was a huge burden off of my shoulders. Hire Jonathan if you want fast action and proper action. Just call him and you will see for yourself.

Jonathan was great to work with. From our first conversation I knew he was the right person to get the IRS off my back. He immediately went to work for me and got my wage garnishment released. He was very clear and honest with what I should expect and was easy to get in touch with throughout the entire process. His fees were surprisingly very affordable compared to other tax relief companies and attorneys I had spoken to. I would recommend him without a doubt.

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