About J. David Tax Relief


Dealing with the IRS and State Tax Departments can be a daunting task. That is why we do it for you. Our managing tax attorney, Jonathan Sooriash, has years of experience negotiating with the IRS. He earned his law degree from Florida Coastal School of Law and went on to earn his Master’s in Tax Law, or LL.M., at Chapman University School of Law. After doing so, he has spent years dedicating his time to people that have tax issues and tax debt.

Every year, there are over two million people in America who are faced with unpaid tax debts. The tax code is not easy to understand so this leaves these people in a difficult situation. Should they contact the IRS themselves and negotiate with the IRS directly or should they hire a tax attorney to guide them and find the best resolution for them? The answer is it depends. Sometimes taxpayers have a very simple situation or low tax liability in which they may be able to accomplish the best resolution possible by calling the IRS themselves.

We will give you guidance in a free consultation where we allow you to determine if this is something you would like to handle on your own or something you would like representation for. We will give you our fees and there is no obligation in the initial consult. Whether you decide to contact the IRS directly or hire us to handle it for you, you will be better off and more knowledgeable of your options to determine which tax solution best fits your particular situation.