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I received an IRS letter and or IRS Notice what should I do?

It is important to determine what type of IRS notice and or IRS letter you have received. More importantly is knowing how FAST you need to react to each letter. Some of the letters you’ll find are just status, balance amount; however, there are some letters you don’t want to take likely. We can review it for FREE, just submit the title and code of it here or call us for a free consult. Below you can find the most common IRS Letters and IRS Notice.

Steps To Take

Step 1: Read the notice to determine what it means. Why is the IRS contacting you? Do you owe additional tax? Are they auditing your tax return? Are they about to pursue collection activity against you?

Step 2: Determine if the IRS has given you a deadline to respond and if they are going to take collection action such as Bank Levy, filing of a Federal Tax Lien, or Wage Garnishment if you do not respond.

Step 3: If you do not understand your IRS Letter, go to the IRS website at to look up the meaning of your letter. Use the code in the top right of your right, ie CP 504, to research your notice.

Step 4: Contact the IRS prior to the deadline to show that you are cooperating with their requests.

Step 5: If you are not comfortable in contacting the IRS directly and want to learn about your options contact a tax attorney to help you understand what you are dealing with and the solutions at your disposal.

How we handle your IRS Letters at J. David Tax Relief

At J. David Tax Relief, our tax attorney will review each and every letter you have received. He will explain what each notice means and where you are in the Collection Process. He will then let you know how much time you have before any collection activity has occurred and then tailor a tax solution that meets your specific situation. Call us now for a free consultation!

What Our Clients Have To Say

I felt like Jonathan genuinely cared about my issue and always made time to talk to me when I needed it. I owed taxes to two different states as well as the IRS. Jonathan got my wage garnishment released and resolved my taxes so I no longer have to worry about them. This was a huge burden off of my shoulders. Hire Jonathan if you want fast action and proper action. Just call him and you will see for yourself.

Jonathan was great to work with. From our first conversation I knew he was the right person to get the IRS off my back. He immediately went to work for me and got my wage garnishment released. He was very clear and honest with what I should expect and was easy to get in touch with throughout the entire process. His fees were surprisingly very affordable compared to other tax relief companies and attorneys I had spoken to. I would recommend him without a doubt.

If You’ve Had A Bank Levy, Wage Garnishment, and or Tax Lien

J.David Tax Relief Can Stop IRS actions With These Simple Steps:




Ask Questions, We Can Help

2-4 weeks



Client Protection, IRS Communication

4-6 weeks



IRS Compliance, Enforce Rights, Settlement

6-8 weeks



Tax Relief Complete!

IRS Letters and IRS Notices

Below is a complete line of the IRS letters and IRS notices. The goal here is to help you understand just how the IRS works and to help you route to the best possible path for tax relief! IRS letters and aka notices are just methods of communication. Typically once you get a letter from the IRS, it’s extremely urgent that you respond, because they are looking to take a negative action against you. It’s best to talk to an experienced and knowledgeable tax attorney as soon as possible. Fill-out the form to the right and get a 1 Minute Tax Relief Consult. If you’re just here for more information on the various IRS Letters and IRS Notices and your’re unsure what to do, then navigate below or use the menu here.

IRS Letter 1058


CP504 IRS Notice


CP503 IRS Notice


CP501 IRS Notice


CP2000 IRS Notice


CP90 IRS Notice


CP91 IRS Notice


CP297 IRS Notice


The CP297 IRS notice sent are to inform you that the IRS intends to garnish, seize, or levy your assets, cars, real estate, personal property, etc……

CP11 IRS Notice


If you receive a CP 11 Notice from the IRS this just means that they have made changes to your tax return which have resulted in a balance due. This is one of the initial letters notifying you of your balance due……

CP11A IRS Notice


If you receive a CP 11a Notice from the IRS this just means that they have made changes to your tax return which have resulted in a balance due. This is one of the initial letters notifying you of your balance due……

CP14A IRS Notice


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