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irs-tax-lienIRS Tax Lien Removal Help: Federal Tax Lien Release

The IRS and several State tax departments will file a lien against taxpayers who owe a tax debt liability. This protects their interest in any assets you currently have or will come in to in the future so that if you sell an asset with equity, they can collect from the sale.

IRS Tax Lien Help

First Look Into IRS Tax Liens: How It Can Affect Your Life

Liens effect your credit negatively and can even prevent you from attaining certain jobs and employment. Liens can prevent you from getting  mortgage loans or accessing the equity in your home to pay off the tax debt. At J. David Tax Relief, we can assist you in releasing, withdrawing, or subordinating your tax lien when possible.

IRS Tax Lien Removal

Release of Federal Tax Lien is not the same as Withdrawal of Federal Tax Lien

When your tax debt is either paid off or expires due to the statute of limitations, the IRS is required to issue a certificate of release for the federal tax lien within 30 days. A release of federal tax lien just means that the lien is no longer enforceable and the IRS or state no longer has a right to your assets. However, the credit reporting agencies will still have the notice of federal tax lien in your history for 7 years after it is released.

IRS Tax Lien Withdrawal

tax-lien-reliefUnderstanding The Withdrawal Of Federal Tax Lien
A WITHDRAWAL of the notice of federal tax lien means that it is completely removed from your credit report and there is no history of the lien shown.

The withdrawal is obviously preferred since the lien will not appear on your credit report whatsoever.

Here are some circumstances that will allow the IRS to withdraw the notice of federal tax lien:

  • The filing of the tax lien was premature or not in accordance with IRS procedures.
  • The taxpayer enters into an installment agreement to full pay the tax liability before the statute of limitations expire.
  • Withdrawal will facilitate collection of the tax debt such as if you have equity in your house but cannot access it because the bank what give you a loan with a notice of federal tax lien filed against you. The IRS will release or withdraw the lien for you to access your equity and pay down your tax liability.
  • It would be in the best interests of the taxpayer and the United States. This is a catch-all type of category.

If you have questions about releasing or withdrawing your tax lien, please contact us for a free consultation to learn more about your options.

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I felt like Jonathan genuinely cared about my issue and always made time to talk to me when I needed it. I owed taxes to two different states as well as the IRS. Jonathan got my wage garnishment released and resolved my taxes so I no longer have to worry about them. This was a huge burden off of my shoulders. Hire Jonathan if you want fast action and proper action. Just call him and you will see for yourself.

Jonathan was great to work with. From our first conversation I knew he was the right person to get the IRS off my back. He immediately went to work for me and got my wage garnishment released. He was very clear and honest with what I should expect and was easy to get in touch with throughout the entire process. His fees were surprisingly very affordable compared to other tax relief companies and attorneys I had spoken to. I would recommend him without a doubt.

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