IRS Fresh Start Program


IRS Fresh Start Program: The Streamlined Installment Agreement

The fresh start program was initiated by the IRS to help taxpayers who have the income and assets to pay on their tax debts, an efficient way of entering into an installment agreement. Important things regarding the streamlined installment agreement are as follows:

Option 1: Under this installment agreement, you agree to pay back your tax debt within 72 months or less and cut your payments into 72 equal installments.  For businesses, the term is 24 months.

Option 2: A major advantage to this program is that you do not have to submit your financial information to disclose your income and assets. You are not required to fill out a 433-A, 433-B nor a 433-F.

Option Three: If you owe up to $50,000 in back taxes then you are eligible for this program.

Option Four: If you owe between $25,000 and $50,000 you are required to set your installment agreement up as a direct debit from your bank account using form 433-D or 9465-FS.

Option Five: If you owe less than $25,000 you can but do not have to set up the payment plan as a direct debit.

Option Six: If the IRS has not yet filed a federal tax lien against you at the time you enter the fresh start program, this will prevent them from filing one.

Option Seven: You must be in compliance to enter into this agreement, meaning all of your unfiled tax returns must be filed and if you are a business you must be current on your estimated tax payments.

Option Eight: If you enter into this agreement and default or owe on a future tax year then this will default your installment agreement.

If you are interested in the IRS Fresh Start Program and other tax solutions please call our tax attorney for a free consultation.

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I felt like Jonathan genuinely cared about my issue and always made time to talk to me when I needed it. I owed taxes to two different states as well as the IRS. Jonathan got my wage garnishment released and resolved my taxes so I no longer have to worry about them. This was a huge burden off of my shoulders. Hire Jonathan if you want fast action and proper action. Just call him and you will see for yourself.

Jonathan was great to work with. From our first conversation I knew he was the right person to get the IRS off my back. He immediately went to work for me and got my wage garnishment released. He was very clear and honest with what I should expect and was easy to get in touch with throughout the entire process. His fees were surprisingly very affordable compared to other tax relief companies and attorneys I had spoken to. I would recommend him without a doubt.

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I owed about 25,000 in back taxes and facing IRS levy! I Google IRS tax problems and found Jonathan Sooriash's website, from the start he told me not to worry and he'll stop any IRS action against me. I got reviewed and my found out I can get into an Fresh Installment Agreement without any hassle!
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